Lindsey's Musings

Muse, v: to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.

The Fight

This year it started in November, as far as I can remember.
A break from chemo, but hardly a break from the fight.
Our regular cocktails weren’t giving a good enough buzz
Shhh, not that kind of cocktail-no need to call the fuzz.

It’s on you: To the guy who catcalled me today

I’m a pretty cautious person in general. I always wear my seat belt, I carry pepper spray and I always check my backseat when getting into the car. It was natural for me to glance in my rear view mirror before opening my door. I bet you saw me do a double take, when I realized you and your friend were leaning against the car, staring and waiting.

The Thief

You will never measure up if you’re constantly basing your ‘standards’ off of someone else. You are you, and everything good and bad that comes with it. No one else in the world is exactly like you,

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