Life’s too short to not have a happily ever after

The trick with happily ever after is people are always waiting for the after. After I lose 15 pounds I’ll be happy. After this semester things will be different and I’ll be happy. After I get married, after I get out of debt, after I get a new job, after I’m out of high school. I’m stopping that cycle.

Life’s too short to do it on your own

Angels with us, what a beautiful and positive thought that is! God would not forsake us and leave us alone. He is very aware of each and every one of us and provides a way for us to accomplish our purpose on this earth.

Life’s too short to not listen

My parents have binders of blackmail from my stubborn childhood years, just waiting for the day when I finally bring a boy home. They can’t wait to dish out on me, and I will faithfully be supporting the Western Family brand of brown paper sacks.

Life’s too short to live in fear

August seems like it was half a lifetime ago, but I can clearly remember how fearful my life was. In the last three months things got better, but they didn’t necessarily get easier.

Life’s too short to not have a nickname

Maybe it’s because nicknames to me are a stepping stone. Feeling comfortable enough around someone to start giving them a nickname is a pretty big deal. It means you’re friends. And not just the head nod, wave in public because you have to friends either.

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